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About Regroup Behavioral Health Services


To assist children, mothers, fathers, friends lovers, aunts, uncles, partners, employees and employers in the development of healthy mind and body functioning.

To take responsibility in assisting our clients reach their highest level of living standard to gain a healthy, productive and enjoyable lifestyle

Living in today’s world of situations that cause frustrations and demands that can be stressful results in a dysfunctional lifestyle which may appear normal. A common way of coping with adverse situations and problems is to mask your feelings to get through each day. Studies have shown that this can do great emotional and physical damage. Our team of professional counselors understands how environmental and social pressures can impact a person’s health, mood, productivity, relationships and overall quality of life. We can help you to recognize the symptoms of stress in your life and connect how it affects your body and mind that is exhibited through your behavior.

One of the first steps is to recognize the need to seek help. We understand that taking that first step is often the most difficult and that you may feel uncomfortable, embarrassed or even ashamed to ask for help. We can assure you that asking for and receiving the help that  you need can relieve the anxiety of coping with bad relationships, chemical dependency, work-related situations, lifestyle and cross-cultural issues, family issues and other personal conflicts. Just like there is no shame when getting help to move heavy objects, there is no shame when moving heavy issues. You are not alone. Let us help!